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Value Chain Blogging

The Value Chain Group has been in operation since 2004. The journey to date is amazing. Value Chain Group started with a enterprise-wide Value Chain Reference Model (VRM) and has grown, by real business experience, a compendium of value chain and business process content that is now the Business Process Transformation Framework (BPTF).

The Value Chain Group’s Business Process Transformation Framework provides the value chain building blocks, the value chain segmentation practices and the integrated continuous improvement program to fully align the people, business process and technology integration for business.  The Integrated Continuous Improvement Methodology (ICIM) promotes consensus between the value chain partners and helps drive continuous improvement in business
processes and value chains.


This value chain blog will provide all those who follow it with information about value chain thinking, business process transformation framework management, real examples of how it all works and tips on how and why it will bring value to business. VCG will do all it can to support all those who support value chain thinking and business transformation.

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